Portfolio of Work


Modern White, Oak and Brass Kitchen

Tall oak doors that slide away to reveal a larder, computer desk and a bar sit next to an oak island wrapped in marble. The kitchen was specified with high-end Gaggenau ovens and white marble that seamless that blends well with the flat-fronted white doors. The handles, finger rail and extractor are a striking brass that will age and patina beautifully over time.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen

This elegant farmhouse style kitchen was meticulously designed to use all the available space whilst keeping it open as possible.

The kitchen is custom designed to fit under the stairs, accommodate large appliances and to fit the tiles perfectly around the cupboards and oven without needing any cuts.

This open kitchen has plenty of hidden areas to maximise storage space.

Midwife's Office

An office for a Paris-based midwife. The office needed a full re-design to have a sophisticated, professional yet homely feel.

The floor was replaced with oak, walls painted a brilliant white and furniture was chosen as light brown wooden textures with green upholstery.

The design used a kind of colour code so furniture for client use is green with other more clinical colours for the for the midwife. Furniture included consultation chairs, a baby bouncer and a small sofa for more relaxed sessions.

The Green furniture was partially chosen to allow for future plants to be added to easily enhance the room.

Blue and Oak Kitchen in London

This modern kitchen is built around simple lines, emphasising height and milimetre precision. Shelves line perfectly with worktops, peninsulas and stairs. giving a continuous flow to every surface in the house.

The Natural oak veneer and rich veined marble is a stark contrast to the simple flat front sprayed cabinets.

Details include bespoke ergonomic oak handles and a removable step hidden under a plinth to access the tall cabinets.


Renders of a Modern Kitchen and Living Room in Essex

A renovation on a family home in Essex, using simple materials and simple colour pallets with focus on details and textures. We focused on using materials that were both beautiful and practical for a family home with 2 children.

This is an ongoing project with Renders currently shown. The build is on the way and will be photographed when done.


Examples of other renders from previous live projects, that have been completed but not photographed, rendered but not reached final build or some are just for fun.

Banquette Seating

Fitted Seating Work

Simple technical drawings with optional renders for banquette seating, a mixture of residential and commercial work including the Culpepper Pub in london and multiple banquettes in the National Gallery Cafe.

CNC Models for CNC

Built for CNC to be scaled parametrically

All the examples are modelled for manufacture on 2.5 Axis CNC for either plywood or MFC. Working with fitters to ensure a fast and efficient fit.

Most of these designs are built parametrically, meaning you can enter basic information (width, depth, height, number of shelves, number of doors etc…) and the model will update automatically and can then generate a cut-list and even a .cnc ready for for manufacture.