Is This Title Just Jargon

"Furniture Studio TheHighkey Humanises Post-Industrial Design"

Sam Nichoo

12/14/20221 min read

OK so sometimes I can be a cynical bastard when it comes to parts of the design industry, but this title just sounds like nothing to me. What exactly does humanize (humanise if you are on my side of the pond) mean? To make human? But when the hell did industrial design, or post-industrial design become un-human? What does post-industrial mean also? Last time I looked outside the world was still pretty industrialised.

Then delving into the article it seems like the title was created by an AI. The designs from thehighkey are really nice and well thought out. A variety of really nice curved shapes, ergonomic designs of modular seating areas inspired in great detail by skate bowls, cool idea and works well, although skate bowls were originally empty swimming pools, not exactly human.

Post-Industrial can often refer to post-industrial waste products but I thought we used "recycling" for that?

In a nut-shell there is a little too much pretentiousness in design sometimes. I wish the were just a little less.

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