Creating Stylish Model Chairs with Champagne Corks, Wires, and Foil

I Love this look of wires and champagne corks to make furniture models!

Sam Nichol

2/16/20241 min read

Have you ever imagined turning champagne corks, wires, and foil into stylish model chairs? Well, Design Within Reach has made this creative idea a reality with their 20th Annual Champagne Chair Contest.

Design Within Reach, a renowned furniture retailer, has been hosting the Champagne Chair Contest for two decades now. The competition invites participants to create miniature chairs using only champagne corks, wires, and foil. The results are truly impressive and demonstrate the endless possibilities of repurposing everyday materials into functional art pieces.

I'm super impressed with the skills in model making here. Does make me wonder weather it's a lost art we need to get back into with furniture design?

If you're looking for inspiration or simply appreciate innovative design, the Champagne Chair Contest is definitely worth checking out. It's all recycling and who doesn't live cork?!