Cosy Corner Chair

How do you actually sit on a chair at home? When you think about it is almost never one arm each side, back perfectly against the chair, legs side by side. Which is what a chair is typically designed to do.

This project asked this question and decided to design a chair around that very idea. How do people actually sit at home? And can we make a chair that accommodates for that?

The Cosy Corner Chair is designed to accommodate how people sit. The tall body and wide seat are designed for comfort and to allow you to sit in any position and allow for a wide range of bodies. The one curved side is angled and sized to allow for all kinds of comfortable positions. The walnut arm is designed to allow your legs to sit below or above for personal preference in comfort.

The fabric is made from "Camera Sting" a wool fabric that is woven with softened stinging nettle for superb resilience, softness and to make it mire environmentally friendly.