3D Modelling and Rendering

3D Modelling and Rendering

If you need a 3D model to show to a client, a manufacturer, designer or just to help you visualise what you want to get made Sam Nichol Designs can help.

Knowledge and Experience
  • I can make full 3D Models for visualisations.

  • Models are made in the cloud and can be accessed at any save point.

  • Our models can be used for CNC programming.

  • We can design around CNC manufacture and nest on boards for efficiency of cutting time and use of materials

  • Models can be built parametrically, meaning they can be made to be automatically resized by updating a single dimension on a spreadsheet

  • Models can be rendered to high standards using movie-grade standards software.

Technical Drawings for Manufacture

Sam Nichols Desings offers a drawing service available at short notice. If you have an existing design that needs to be manufactured or needs to confirmed with builders or architects I can create any technical drawings to a high standard.

Knowledge and Experience
  • I work to ISO Standards for technical drawings to a high level of detail, from architectural scale to metal manufacturing.

  • Experience with Timber, MDF, MFC, Plywood, Steel, Brass and Copper.

  • Good understand of welding, braising, machining, tapping, CNC, hand-making, spinning and turning processes .

Kensington Gardens

Kildare Terrace

Shaker Range

Cabinet. Parametric design CNC manufacture.

National Gallery - Muriel's Cafe - Corner Banquette

Piped Sofa

Dining and Cafe Chairs

Shoe Bench

Examples of Work