No Sweatshops


Do you want a great table lamp for the living room? Need a bedside lamp for your bedroom? Why buy one in boring black or brass? Personality Lights are available in Bright Red, Green, Blue and Orange with matching colourful cables.

No Sweatshops

The legs are hand-made and painted in France, unique Shades manufactured exclusively in the UK, Italian made fabric cords and plugs. The lamps are all made using no sweatshops, with most of the other parts made in Europe.

No Landfill

Shades are 100% aluminium, the easiest metal to recycle in the world.

Legs made from steel, the most recycled metal in the world.

All parts, the lamp itself, the chords, the plugs and switches are screwed (not glued) together, meaning it's incredibly easy to repair or recycle the lamps.

No Crap

Built to last a lifetime.

The shades are made from extra thick aluminium to reduce chances of damage. The legs are made from steel, the same metal as bridges and the beams that hold up buildings.

The cords are woven fabric, 3-core and extra thick to reduce chances of damage by bending or being crushed. All held together with durable metal fixings.