Growing Herbs at home, not quite there yet...

Herb pot holders clearly are on to something but they aren't selling like hot cakes. Why?

Sam Nichol

11/3/20221 min read

I always think that there is such a big potential for the home-grown herb world. More and more people are moving into cities without a garden space, more people are cooking, more people are aware of where their food comes from. People wan this type of product.

These are everywhere in stores but haven't quite gotten into every home.

I think it may be due to taking up precious worktop space. Many people just don't have the space to have a plugged in appliance on their kitchen worktop. Reminds me of a design I worked on but covid caused it to halt, a built-in base cabinet for a kitchen that had lLED lights, plant trays on sliding draw-like shelves and a watering system that was plumbed into mains so no need to remember to water. It's something that I'd love to see come to life one day.