A Simple Shoe Rack

Sam Nichol and Laetus designs store brings a simple shoe rack. Requires no tools to assemble and hand made in Europe.



5/25/20221 min read

I designed and made a shoe rack recently. I thought it would be fun to make a very simple, table with wooden top, open slats and wooden legs. OH and I didn't want to use any glue.

It's pretty simple really, there are 2x 25mm square pieces along the sides, with slimline pieces screwed in along the top. The legs are 19mm diameter with 20mm diameter holes to match. The legs are inserted carefully with 6mm diameter pins inserted into well drilled holes. The pins hold the shelves into place. Meaning it's basically flat-pack with no screws, bolts and not an Alan key in site.

At this size it works really well and we have this in our house next to the front door for our shoes. I'd love to work on the same system but bigger. For example it was originally designed to be to hold potted plants. Could be interesting to make for inside cupboards etc.