5 Industrial Design Lessons to learn from Japanese Tradition

Most designers I know have a soft spot for Japanese tradition. It's often close to early modernism but all hand-craft based

Sam Nichol

12/12/20221 min read

Traditional Japan often has feelings of Modern Design. Simple work, a focus on materials, function, use of space, a product or building creating a feeling for the user as well as a function. This article touches this from a business point of view but I'd say it works really well for Industrial Designers.

I really like the idea of Mono no aware the profound appreciation of the Beaty of fleeting moments. This to me is a heck of an achievement in design, if you manage to create an object or a space that someone really appreciates for what it is then that is a hell of a thing. It also touches on Form follows function and simplicity.

My most favourite is Quality of Quantity, the idea that a product should be made to last a lifetime is 100% what I work with and believe in.

Monozukuri is apparently a Japanese word to mean, the art of making things, but shows an appreciation for a quality crafted product of any kind.

Original article here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/growing-a-business/5-secrets-to-product-success-from-japanese-tradition/436357

pile of black bowls
pile of black bowls